CDC Mobile CRM: Technical Overview

April 3, 2011

The CDC Mobile CRM solution is designed for modern business – where being out of the office for extended periods is standard procedure for sales and customer service employees. Rather than relying on a single connection and synchronization methodology, our solution uses a number of methodologies in concert to deliver the end user the information and tools they need regardless of their physical location

Read this technical overview to learn more about:

  • The depth of functionality available with CDC Mobile CRM
  • Integration with Microsoft office productivity tools
  • A full device-resident version for disconnected environments such as airliners
  • Handheld access via smartphones
  • Synchronization methodology and tools
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Eric Starkey
I agree. Need iOS and android support. Blackberry and RIM are becoming irrelevant
john shaft
ditto, where's the Win7, office 2007/2010, ios & android information.
Pak Seng Chow
Ya, we need Iphone and Android support !
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