White Paper: Pivotal CRM’s 3-Tier Architecture – The Key to Low Total Cost of Ownership

July 17, 2012

Typically, the main costs of integrating customer relationship management (CRM) software into your organization are incurred during the customization and deployment process. Often, this can account for 90% of CRM costs. Even companies with extremely simple sales, marketing and customer services processes can benefit from a system tailored to their needs, yet many fear the cost of a custom system. In this paper, you will learn how the flexible, 3-tier Pivotal CRM architecture allows you to rapidly tailor the system just for you – at a fraction of the cost normally associated with a tailored system.

Learn the advantages of separating the CRM system architecture into three layers:

  • The presentation tier accessed by everyday users
  • The business services tier built for administrators 
  • The data services tier interacting with other corporate systems

Read the white paper to learn how you can have the CRM solution your users demand while keeping costs in line with business expectations.

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