CRM+ White Paper: An Innovative Approach to Agile Solution Development

July 17, 2012

Companies looking for software solutions to address their business challenges typically face two options, each of which has well-known pros and cons. To buy or to build?

Buying off-the-shelf software: Solves short-term business problems and is usually cheaper and faster than custom development. The downside is that there's seldom an exact fit to the company's unique needs and processes, resulting in compromise and/or costly customization.

Building their own: Gives you exactly what you want, but the cost is high, as is the strain on your IT resources, not to mention the risk of failure.

Did you know that there is an intriguing third option in the build vs. buy dilemma that combines the best of both worlds?

An exciting new development concept called CRM+ exploits the underlying platforms of some leading customer relationship management systems to achieve a rapid development solution that avoids both the complexity of custom development and the inflexibility of out-of-the-box software. This approach enables not just deep CRM customization, but easy development of entirely new software applications that address all kinds of other enterprise software needs.

How can you benefit from CRM+?

  • Time Savings: Dramatic reduction in time to create tailored or custom solutions.
  • Cost Savings: Build less functionality by hand (or avoid coding altogether, if desired), decreasing coding errors and improving turnaround time.
  • Strategic Business Agility: Deliver more frequent releases and enhancements, improving responsiveness to new business needs and market opportunities.
  • Simplicity Through Standardization: Provides a uniform layer of application architecture to standardize the development toolset and simplify integration. No more cobbled-together third-party solutions.

To learn more about this innovative time  and cost-saving approach, read the white paper "CRM+: An Innovative Approach to Agile Solution Development."

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