Impact of Formula-Based ERP Applications on Chemical Manufacturers

October 25, 2011

Whether you’re in the process of re-evaluating your existing ERP solution or looking to replace your spreadsheets, it’s important to focus your search on applications with strong capabilities to support your unique requirements, so you don’t have the change the way your business operates.

This practical guide links the unique business processes of the chemical industry to specific software capabilities available in formula based ERP solutions. Case study references provide insight into the capabilities needed to manage by-products and co-products, variability of ingredients, and finished products and processes. It also address how the right ERP solution can significantly improve product costing, production predictability, and scalability, as well as compliance issues related to traceability and MSDS.

Whether your process includes distillation, refinement, recovery, or production, this ERP essentials guide will help you choose a solution that is right for your needs. A checklist of specific capabilities is also included for use during the evaluation process.

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