Truition eCommerce – Dell Financial Services Podcast

July 19, 2012

Returned merchandise and overstock goods can wreak havoc on your bottom line with lost revenue and reduced profitability. As online sales grow year after year, so do product returns.

Jeff Hutchinson, General Manager of Remarketing at Dell Financial Services, knows this all too well. As a result, he’s found a way to sell used Dell computers and other products through auction and deal-driven eCommerce channels with Truition’s CMS eCommerce and Auction platforms.

This innovative solution has allowed Hutchinson and Dell Financial Solutions to resell used merchandise and drive secondary sales without spending additional money through internal programs, word of mouth, and social media efforts. “By doing this it helps optimize our recoveries throughout the year," says Hutchinson.

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Craig Clark
What a fantastic business model! Lease computers to one company and then use a slick eCommerce process to recognize revenue on the same machine once again by selling it to another customer. Speaks to the quality of Dell hardware and ingenuity that this is possible.