How to Successfully Select a MES, OEE, Plant Metrics or Data Capture System for Operational Excellence: Free Toolkit

July 19, 2012

This webcast details a suggested approach to successfully evaluating, selecting and implementing Factory Intelligence/OEE and data capture systems for manufactures. By successful we mean quantifiable rapid payback, significant financial returns and a transformed work place. Understand the major issues that make the majority of these initiatives fail:

  • Avoid the common pitfalls in system selection
  • Understand what the project priorities should be
  • Learn how to deliver improvement results within weeks
  • Stay in control of your  vendors during system selection

The webcast introduces a ready to go system evaluation tool kit to successfully select and implement an OEE, plant metrics or MES system that ensures your organization remains focused on the end goal of driving Operational Excellence.  Come away with a ready to use comprehensive Plant Metrics/OEE/MES requirements specification and a pre-built vendor comparison calculator tool designed for the Food industry. Designed as a ‘ready to go’ spreadsheet this could cut man-months of evaluation analysis and enable producers to commit valuable resources to improvement rather than selection phases.

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