Microsoft Interviews CDC Software about Pivotal 6

March 28, 2011

Microsoft Senior Product Manager John Graham interviews CDC Software’s VP of CRM Product Management, Scott Munro, about how innovative integration of Microsoft technologies can enhance the value of a customer relationship management solution.

In this brief 6-minute podcast, Munro explains how mirroring the familiar Microsoft interface and embedding the Microsoft tools that your employees use every day right within the CRM system increases user adoption and productivity.

Find out:

  • How embedding Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite within the CRM system allows seamless use of CRM data within these applications and vice versa
  • How Microsoft SharePoint can be used to bring content from across the enterprise to users in their CRM dashboard and workflows, as well as increase the value and availability of CRM data across the enterprise
  • Why deep bi-directional integration with Microsoft technology dramatically increases CRM usability and ROI
  • How a Microsoft-style user interface increases user productivity and decreases the learning curve
  • What an "Office Business Application" is and how a CRM solution can embody this cutting-edge concept
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