Contracts & Chargebacks Strengthen Financial Management

July 17, 2012

Get Stronger:  Automate contracts and chargebacks

By automating the chargeback validation process and having up-to-date information on contracts, prices, and memberships, pharmaceutical manufacturers ensure that only valid credits are authorized and processed, reducing both the amount of labor they expend, and the volume and amount of their unauthorized deductions

This document discusses the benefits to pharmaceutical manufacturers, but the benefits extend to any industry where contracts, chargebacks and rebates are a normal part of doing business.
Benefits of  the Contracts & Chargebacks module for Ross ERP:

  • Ensure quality and accuracy of data
  • Reduce amount of unauthorized deductions
  • Decrease overpayments
  • Improve overall profitability
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Streamline state and federal pricing compliance adherence
  • Strengthen partner relationships

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