Event Management Framework

April 11, 2011

Sense and respond to business events faster than ever before with Event Management Framework.

By predicting and reacting to events and information in your disparate business systems, Event Management Framework initiates a full-circle process to notify the right people on the right channel, and monitors the response and feedback. It's a 24-hour view into your company that you've never had before.

Through proactively addressing non-events, like the lack of response to a purchase order, an overdue delivery or a missing time sheet entry, EMF can help you solve problems before you even knew they existed.  It doesn't matter whether you want your notifications in the dashboard or on your smartphone (or both), EMF can be adapted to the channels that you need for quick communications and action.

Depending on your needs, EMF can automate tedious manual processes and incorporate proper escalation processes in real time, minimizing the negative impact of detected exceptions and anomalies.

Increase efficiency and profitability when you can see what’s coming.

  • Real time notifications via dashboard, text message, e-mail, etc.
  • Automate tedious manual processes
  • Execute actions or notify as required
  • Manage responses with built-in tracking
  • Automatic rules-based escalation

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