Increase Productivity and Profitability Through Advanced Document Management

July 17, 2012

Go Green!

Increase productivity, improve cash flow, and enhance customer service with the Ross Document Management solution. Improve your overall productivity, reduce paper and the space you need to store it, speed access to documents across your organization, and still meet regulatory mandates on document retention.

The Ross Document Management module takes your Ross ERP to the next level through Microsofts’ SharePoint technology, allowing scanning, storing, and linking documents to information in your ERP. It extends the native capabilities from Microsoft SharePoint, giving users the freedom and flexibility to scan, automatically index through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), store, and view large volumes of documents in a variety of ways. Users can annotate documents and route them appropriately through defined workflow processes.
Benefits include:

  • One common document indexing method
  • Auto-separate and index documents via barcode recognition and OCR capabilities
  • View captured documents on a standard Internet browser without the use of additional client applications
  • Perform automatic image corrections and enhancements
  • Provide document security

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