Automate Data Collection for Real-Time Inventory Updates from CDC Ross ERP

July 17, 2012

Get faster: Automate Data Collection for real-time inventory updates from Ross ERP.

If you are like everyone else in manufacturing, you’re constantly looking for ways to strip out costs and  run leaner. One great way to do that is to have better, real-time visibility into production and distribution data with your ERP solution, and an accurate, real time picture of your inventory with the Ross Data Collection Module.

Ross Data Collection is a plant-level solution that records data from receiving, production, inventory, quality, maintenance and shipping operations directly into Ross ERP as the  transactions happen.

The result: real-time and accurate visibility into production, inventory and distribution, optimized resources, and improved customer responsiveness.

Ross Data Collection enables process manufacturers to:

  • Use standard Windows mobile devices to gather data from virtually anywhere
  • Tighten control over operations
  • Optimize production resources
  • Improve responsiveness to customers
  • Increased efficiency

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