Mobile ERP Technology for Blackberry

March 31, 2011

Be empowered with real-time Ross ERP information whenever and wherever you meet your customers.

Ross Mobile is a BlackBerry-resident application that provides continuous rapid access to key Ross ERP information, regardless of wireless network access, bandwidth, or quality of connection, letting sales personnel review key customer information prior to meetings—or even during the meeting.
Ross Mobile gives sales reps on the spot, up-to-date customer information.

  • Work anywhere, anytime, while connected in real-time to Ross Enterprise ERP
  • Sell on the go, utilizing Ross Mobile’s rich, intuitive UI to rapidly navigate and reference key data on the RIM BlackBerry, ensuring high responsiveness no matter where you are
  • Accelerate the sales cycle, recommend sales orders to replenish customer in-shelf inventory, provide immediate price quotes on requested product quantities, negotiate new order terms and conditions based upon customer’s current account status - all while in the field

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