Datasheet: Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate – Sales Force Automation

July 17, 2012

If ever there was a time when home sales was characterized by short sales cycles, that time is definitely over. Selling a home – or a neighborhood – today is a lengthy process and you may be pursuing several opportunities simultaneously. Any task that distracts from valuable selling time cuts into revenue generation. The Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate sales suite provides easy-to-use tools that automate repetitive and low-value parts of the sales process to maximize the amount of time sales representatives actually spend selling.

Learn more about how you can give your sales team the tools they need to:

  • Reach prospects more consistently through multiple communication channels
  • Analyze homebuyer behavior, buying history, and demographics
  • Increase sales productivity through automated contract, loan, and home-configuration tools
  • Reduce sales cycles and increase conversion rates by focusing on more qualified prospects
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