CDC Technical Account Management Services

April 2, 2011

Sometimes, there is no substitute for experience. And so it goes for the deployment and ongoing maintenance of customer relationship management systems. Having someone on hand who vast experience with the solution in a myriad of situations and environments can take major challenges and make them mole hills.

As CDC’s most senior technical CRM staff, Technical Account Managers have been there and done that. And, because they are CDC employees, they can get you priority access to a wealth of resources. Learn how you can get a CDC Technical Account Manager on your team and see how they can help you with:

  • Dedicated technical experts available on short notice
  • Planning assistance to scale and grow as business needs evolve
  • Peak system performance and optimal configuration, leveraging best practices
  • A rapid deployment path and configuration times, accelerating time-to-benefit
  • Pre-paid services for a quick response and cost-effective deployment
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