Datasheet: Pivotal CRM Social CRM

July 17, 2012

Remember when you had to keep notes on a potential buyer to help establish rapport on your next meeting? Bob’s favorite sports team. Leslie’s previous job at that big building supply company. Today though, all of this information is right there, in the social network.

Pivotal CRM Social CRM integrates the most popular and ubiquitous social media tools—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, InsideView, and Google BlogSearch—with your users’ daily activity hub, Pivotal CRM. Gain in-depth sales insight, manage multi-channel marketing campaigns and open up an all-new customer service channel. Learn more about how Pivotal CRM Social CRM can help you:

  • Uncover social media intelligence by identifying prospects, tracking deal chatter, monitoring sentiment, spotting customer complaints and issues, and more
  • Take action on social media insights by generating leads, assigning tasks, opening service tickets, and more
  • Grow your social media presence by easily reaching out to contacts to invite them to join your social networks
  • Simplify social media marketing by coordinating communications and launching
    them across channels in a single step
  • Find connections between prospects, customers, consultants, influencers, and decision-makers to gain introductions and entry into opportunities
  • Provide better service and improve public relations by identifying and addressing customer issues reported on social media sites
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