Datasheet: Pivotal CRM Rapid Productivity Methodology

July 17, 2012

Why not take advantage of our experience? Most companies do not have a great deal of experience planning and executing on the deployment of customer relationship management software and processes. That’s why we’ve created Pivotal CRM Rapid Productivity Methodology (RPM) - a proven process for ensuring your CRM is deployed on schedule and begins delivering the business value you expect right away.

Rapid Productivity Methodology comprises four stages—Project Initiation and Startup, Requirements and Design, Delivery, and Wrap-Up—plus an overall project management component. It’s the methodology employed by the CRM experts in our professional services team. Learn more about RPM and how it can help you:

  • Mitigate risks in deploying your CRM solution by using processes with successful outcomes and proven best practices
  • Achieve predictable costs and timelines through a clear mutual understanding of the scope of the products and options that will be deployed
  • Ensure your CRM solution meets business needs by clearly pre-defining the requirements of your CRM implementation and documenting and tracking changes as the project proceeds
  • Obtain detailed documentation on your implementation from a process that creates a continually refined set of project resources
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