Datasheet: Pivotal CRM Mobile Sales

July 17, 2012

Salespeople want to sell and that means getting on the road, in front of the customer. In days past, a salesperson could manage their accounts in their head or perhaps on a spreadsheet. But with the team selling required to sell all but the most simple of today’s products, salespeople need access to account details, customer history and the ability to carry out the full sales function while they are visiting customers. Pivotal CRM Mobile Sales is designed for this new reality.

With browser-based, wireless and even fully disconnected options, your most valuable salespeople – the ones who sell customers face-to-face – have access to the tools and customer data they need. Learn more about how Pivotal CRM Mobile Sales can help:

  • Increase sales productivity by allowing them to work regardless of location or connection
  • Increase sales effectiveness with access to decision making information on the road
  • Build customer satisfaction through more responsive, personalized sales support
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