CDC FastPath

April 2, 2011

CDC FastPath Implementation Services provide an approach to implementing and automating marketing, sales, or service capabilities in a short, fixed timeframe at a fixed cost. By taking advantage of this offering, you can shorten the time to up-front results and verify that the solution is right for you. Then, as time and resources allow, you can easily expand to the full sales, marketing and service capabilities of CDC Pivotal CRM.

Because you control the timeframe, the cost and the solution deployed, you ensure that you get your CRM initiative off to a start that best suits your business. Learn more about our:

  • Pre-developed processes based on industry best practices
  • Pre-developed customization choices that accelerate fit to workflows
  • Pre-configured development approach that reduces implementation and configuration time
  • Proven methodology with a guaranteed timeline to mitigate risk
  • Hosting and administration options to minimize need for internal IT resources
  • Flexible pricing and subscription options for a cost-effective deployment
  • CRM foundation with the ability to scale and grow as your business evolves
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