Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Support

March 28, 2011

Despite the importance of mergers and acquisitions deals to an investment bank’s bottom line, many firms’ M&A deal processes are fragmented and poorly tracked, leading to inefficiencies and increased risk. Coordination and communication among the many parties involved in M&A deals can be inconsistent and haphazard, creating overlap and confusion.

CDC Software for Capital Markets is purpose-built to help you apply a consistent process and structure to deals – supporting repeatable success and increased revenues. Learn how this tailored solution can help your team:

  • Manage risk and minimize conflicts by tracking and storing all communications, documents, and activities
  • Leverage relationships by performing “who knows whom” searches
  • Institutionalize best practices, ensuring consistency and thoroughness
  • Provide management insight into deal progress for better monitoring and revenue forecasting
  • Protect data integrity by restricting access to authorized parties
  • Improve collaboration by keeping all working-group members informed and clearly assigning tasks at each stage
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