Datasheet: Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking

July 17, 2012

In an age defined by access to information, you know you have to have something special to retain banking clients. That special sauce is the relationship you build with them over time. But, you also need to balance personalized customer service with the requirement to reduce the cost of serving each client. Pivotal CRM is purpose-built to help you have the best of both worlds: personalized service and the process automation that helps you keep costs in line with expectations.

Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking gives banks features to improve productivity and expand client value. Learn how you can:

  • Increase corporate knowledge by sharing all client information
  • Accelerate the sales cycle by automating time-consuming steps
  • Leverage relationships more effectively with insight into client connections and influence
  • Improve collaboration with automated workflows for managing account setup and other complex processes
  • Increase new client referrals and referrals of existing clients between lines of business
  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling with in-context links to complementary products
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