Marketing Resource Management

April 6, 2011

CDC Marketing Resource Management delivers comprehensive capabilities that help you plan, track, and measure internal and external marketing resources—all in one solution:

  • Reduce cycle times and raise productivity with tools that let you better manage marketing campaigns and projects
  • Improve marketing budget management by tracking and viewing finances across multiple perspectives and scenarios
  • Ensure tasks and projects are completed on schedule with tools that track activities and provide reminders and alerts
  • Easily measure the effectiveness of campaigns and projects via graphical analytics in the format of your choosing
  • Improve your review and approval processes and ensure follow-through using tools that control and streamline workflow
  • Control the distribution of marketing collateral with a centralized repository that controls versions and can restrict access
  • Keep the entire organization informed of all marketing events centralized Marketing Calendar color-coded for easy viewing
  • Better manage vendors with the integrated contact manager for your suppliers
  • Eliminate integration hassles by selecting an easily integrated CDC Marketing Automation application
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