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April 6, 2011

CDC Marketing Automation is a marketing automation and lead management solution that enables marketers to conduct even the most complex multi-channel marketing campaigns for their events. The CDC Marketing Automation Event Manager Application enables marketers to easily promote their events with sophisticated multi-wave campaigns, register and track attendees, and send ongoing reminders, follow-ups, surveys, and more.

Live and online events are excellent lead-generation opportunities, but marketing them and managing the registrations can be laborious and time-consuming, limiting the number of events a marketing department can handle.

The CDC Marketing Automation Event Manager Application offers sophisticated event management:

  • Streamline event management, save time, and take the burden off your staff
  • Manage the full event cycle from event planning and promotion through registration, reminders, and follow-ups
  • Perform real-time follow-up and lead distribution, with precise lead tracking
  • Capture data for analysis and re-use across other campaigns
  • Act quickly to move event prospects directly into the sales lead pipeline

Using CDC Marketing Automation, marketers can streamline the entire event process to deliver professional quality event planning, targeting, promoting, and execution.

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