Deliverability E-mail Server

April 6, 2011

The CDC Marketing Automation Deliverability E-Mail Server provides detailed, real-time deliverability information that addresses the needs of today’s marketers. The tools not only inform you whether your mail was blocked, delivered to the inbox, or routed to a spam folder, but also assist in managing your sender reputation—helping you ensure your e-mails are delivered to the inbox. It integrates a complete set of capabilities, including authentication, bounce tracking and management, and delivery assurance services, so you can monitor whether your e-mails are getting through and fix the cause for those that don’t. In effect, it helps you manage your sender reputation, which plays a key role in determining how ISPs view your e-mail.

CDC Marketing Automation is the first and only integrated marketing automation suite that also provides core delivery capabilities—authentication, bounce management, and delivery assurance services—in one solution.

Highlights & Benefits:

  • Extend the value of your investment by eliminating the need to purchase standalone deliverability solution services
  • Ensure compliance with ever-changing ISP and corporate spam-filter policies
  • Bypass spam filters and verify your identity with authentication to all major standards
  • Proactively monitor delivery rates and take corrective action with full delivery reporting and smart bounce management
  • Segment and run reports on deliverability by ISP, campaign, or type of communication
  • Eliminate integration hassles by selecting an easily integrated CDC Marketing Automation application
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