Factory MOM Express Datasheet

July 19, 2012

Factory MOM Express has stripped out many of the capabilities of manufacturing operations management more suited to multi-plant businesses and their associated costs whilst maintaining the key elements that have made Factory MOM the breakthrough performance enabler for world leaders such as Bay Valley Foods, Pinnacle Foods and Breyers Yogurt.

It combines 2 key modules of the Factory MOM software suite with an implementation services framework geared towards very specific ROI deliverables. This service pack includes standardized working practices, real-time performance intelligence, and ‘back to basics’ review structures that are tied directly back to goals of improved cases per labor hr and improved margins.  By packaging Factory MOM Express as one homogenous product, we have been able to deliver a 45% reduction in the total cost for a single factory. Using the experience gained working across large multi-plant organizations, the Factory MOM Express implementation path dramatically shortens the consulting engagement and time to ROI. The system comes pre-loaded with pre-seeded data, fault codes and day-to-day meeting structures all ready for immediate use.
The Results?

  • Plant-wide live system in 4 weeks compared to months with competitive offerings
  • Improvement workshops in place by week 6  and cost-per-case target achieved 8 weeks from Go-Live
  • Sustained performance step changes resulting in total project ROI in less than 6 months
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