Factory MOM Constraint Datasheet

July 19, 2012

Consider this—your operating costs are the same, regardless of fluctuations in throughput (and therefore your profits). So every hour of production lost due to a true constraint is equal to the cost of an hour of running the entire plant. And every hour gained is a true contribution to your bottom line. By interpreting proven manufacturing theories in a new way, Facotry MOM Constraint automates the identification of true constraints and—most importantly—drives actionable intelligence to deliver significant improvements in plant performance.

Factory MOM Constraint models the whole production flow and identifies unused potential capacity by highlighting head room, bottlenecks and buffer zones. It aims to improve manufacturing productivity through a focus on constraints. By identifying and prioritizing your true constraints, it empowers plant personnel to attack the issues that will result in the largest gains in throughput—and enables management and workforce to make informed decisions that will positively impact the bottom line. The easy-to-interpret reports and interfaces provide historical and real-time data to facilitate analysis.

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