The Factory MOM Profit Audit

July 19, 2012

Factory MOM’s 3-day Profit Audit, specifically aimed at addressing the needs of process-intensive manufacturers, is focused on a set of EBIT expansion objectives designed to deliver improvements rapidly. It is a profit-related audit that identifies those aspects that directly impact manufacturing cost margins. Recommendations are focused on actions that require minimal capital consumption and establish an agenda for rapid performance improvement utilizing the greatest continuous tool available to you: the hourly paid workforce.

Using a library of industry statistics the Factory MOM Profit Audit provides an analysis of the plant’s true operating efficiency compared to their ‘reported’ efficiency. It provides a benchmark of how they measure up against the leaders and laggards in the industry and identifies those areas that can be improved the fastest, at the least cost, and with the greatest impact. The 3-day activity establishes specific performance improvement targets, introduces common factory metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and provides a framework to assert ownership for plant performance at the workplace level that takes weeks, not years to implement. The audit delivers a detailed execution plan designed to drive a step change in performance in around 12 weeks

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