Stryker Osteosynthesis: Achieving Operational and Supply Chain Excellence, an i-Supply Case Study for Medical Device Manufacturing

April 11, 2011

Stryker Osteosynthesis is a provider of reconstructive, trauma and spinal products in the medical technology industry. Since 1941, Stryker has grown to a position of global leadership in the $35.6 billion orthopedic market, providing a range of products that improve medical professionals’ and patients’ lives in more than 120 countries.

From Stryker’s distribution centers to the end hospitals, Stryker’s customers expect high, 24/7 service levels on practically all product offerings. Given the nature of this demand, a key supply chain challenge Stryker faced involved conflicting goals among high service levels and low inventory levels. Essentially, Stryker must continually ensure that inventory is neither in excess nor out of stock. Stryker Osteosynthesis chose i-Supply to resolve their critical supply chain issues.

“Once processes, data accuracy and timeliness are implemented, i-Supply offers the seemingly impossible for the entire supply chain — a more streamlined inventory while at the same time supporting customers at a high service level.”

Stefan Zueger
Director Logistics
Stryker Osteosynthesis
Selzach, Switzerland
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