Southern Ohio Medical Center Case Study

April 15, 2011

CDC Respond has revolutionized patient relations at Southern Ohio Medical Center, significantly impacting the hospital’s strategy to increase patient satisfaction and safety levels. A consistent and streamlined complaint and feedback management solution has also helped the healthcare provider enhance public awareness of its position as the area’s premier healthcare provider.

Read the case study to learn more about this successful use of enterprise feedback management software in the healthcare industry.

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Craig Clark
It’s great to see that someone is providing a tool that has such obvious benefits for improving the delivery of healthcare and potentially even patient safety. It’s amazing to think that at most hospitals, patient complaints are still handled completely manually. The wasted time and inability to spot trends is incredible. And, this technology is very cool. I can see that the ScannerLink feature would be a huge advantage in terms of making sure that both online AND offline patient complaints are captured and learned from. Way to go SOMC!