Improving Customer Service at Triangle Brick with Enterprise Performance Management

March 23, 2011

Initially a regional supplier, Triangle Brick expanded its reach into 37 states, moving product through varied channels, including dealers, contractors, masons and architects. Triangle Brick credits the CDC EPM Sales Analytics module with helping the company increase visibility throughout its organization. With user-customizable, visual dashboards, Triangle Brick easily generates sales and analytical reports in real time, saving the company up to 10 hours per month in generating and managing reports.

With multi-dimensional analysis, Triangle Brick can better identify trends in the marketplace as they occur, and make changes accordingly. With this ability, Triangle Brick has been able to improve customer service levels, being more agile and faster to respond to customer demands and needs. Additionally, Sales Executives now view reports instantly to analyze data and determine profitability of specific products, customers and regions instead of waiting up to 2 days.

“The ability to drill down on a specific product line or sales region has given us a tremendous advantage and really changed the way we approach our sales strategy, improving the quality of our sales,” said Scott Mollenkopf, CFO of Triangle Brick. “Instead of seeing numbers at the end of the month or the quarter, we can run reports and look at daily or weekly sales and orders figures to make more informed decisions about our focus while we have the time to make changes.”

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