Planning Effort Slashed by 77% with CDC Ross Supply Chain Planning Module.

July 17, 2012

Chocolate lovers know that great chocolate takes great effort.  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) uses traditional methods and artisan equipment.  But that didn’t stop them from using modern technology to run their business.  With Ross Supply Chain Planning, they slashed the daily planning and scheduling effort by 77%.
For RMCF, being able to free up the 12-person management team from the daily planning and scheduling meetings was a very attractive proposition—precisely what the Ross Professional Team estimated it could deliver. After carefully reviewing the Ross business case for the project, RMCF moved forward with the purchase of Ross Supply Chain Planning.

Not only was the company able to reduce the number of people involved in daily planning, Overtime has also fallen dramatically as labor efficiency improvements have far exceeded the company’s initial target of 1 percent. As a result, RMCF has been able to reduce its labor requirements without sacrificing its ability to meet demand.

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