ROI in one Year with Ross ERP

July 17, 2012

Oxford Frozen Foods, a leading international producer of wild blueberries achieves ROI in one year with  Ross ERP.  The fast-growing company needed the technology to support new initiatives for company growth, and get it to the next level.

“We needed a solution that scaled to our vision and enabled us to streamline all of our procedures to support our growth metrics,” said Milton Wood, CFO. “We selected Ross because we knew the technology was focused on our industry and it would help us completely enhance our supply chain from the farms to finished products.”


  • Achieve ROI of system in one year
  • Doubled to 110 million pounds of product
  • Increased revenue by 60%
  • Added several warehouses and farms, including acquisition of North America’s largest fruit farm
  • Easily meet the 4-hour mandate for Prior Notification to ship product into the U.S.

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