Ross ERP Enables Juice Harvest to Grow Without Sacrificing its High Quality Standards.

July 17, 2012

Before they turned to Ross ERP, Juice Harvest had invested in an ERP solution that couldn’t keep up with their fast growth.  Company officials were concerned about maintaining the quality of their product, and found that the original solution didn’t work for them.  After going through a second selection process, they turned to Ross ERP.

“Since going live on Ross ERP, our president has never questioned the validity of the numbers. With more accurate information, we can now grow unimpeded without worrying about the impact to margins or worrying about a drop in quality.”  Ricki Reves, Chief Financial Officer, Juice Harvest.

Since the go-live, the company has been able to grow without sacrificing quality, and has seen other benefits:

  • Greatly improved lot tracing
  • Improved audit results lead to increased business
  • Greatly improved costing accuracy
  • Improved recipe management

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