Sapa Profile (Shanghai) LTd. carries out Platinum HRM and ATS successfully

April 11, 2011

Sapa Profile (Shanghai) Ltd. Carries out Platinum HRM & ATS Successfully

Sapa Profiles (Shanghai) Ltd. is a wholly Swedish owned company established in Mar 2003, with initial production started in Nov 2003. Sapa supplies components or products with high technology based on aluminum profiles for a wide range of industries.

With the rapid development of business in China, it became essential for Sapa to deploy a comprehensive HRM system to support its fast expansion. Due to the large number of employees, HR management faced with a lot of challenges in dealing with various types of compensation & benefits calculation, complicated attendance tracking and multitude formats of reports.

The company now successfully stores personnel data in a complete employee information management system, which can automatically generate real-time reports to management.

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