Sage Products Case Study

July 17, 2012

“The sales reps used to handle 100 key accounts, which they could keep in their heads—now they are handling a lot more smaller accounts. With Pivotal CRM, we are able to keep pace with the changes in the industry. Our customer database in the last five years has probably tripled. Of the business that came from the original 5,000 hospitals a few years ago, much more is moving to the other 150,000 accounts we have. And we needed to keep track of all information and demographics on all those customers. Now we use Pivotal CRM to help us manage all this and each sales person can take care of several thousand accounts,” says Bill Howes, Director of Supply Chain Technology at Sage Products.

Read the case study to learn how Sage Products uses Pivotal CRM to:

  • Increase sales effectiveness by consolidating lead and customer information
  • Improve customer communication throughout the organization
  • Enhance forecasting
  • Reduce redundancy in workflow, allowing the sales force to handle more accounts and manage key accounts better
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