CPP Development

April 3, 2011

"The CDC Pivotal CRM solution has already more than met our requirements, and we haven’t yet utilized it to its full potential. As the number of users grows and the project progresses, the amount of functionality we are using within the CRM system is also increasing. Pivotal CRM is a very user-friendly and stable system, which is quick to master, yet undemanding, making one’s work much easier," says Klára Pojerová, Sales Director, CPP Development.

Read the case study to learn how CPP uses the streamlined CDC Pivotal CRM solution they have deployed to:

  • Access  a central database of existing and potential clients
  • Provide management with increased visibility and the ability to rapidly generate reports on activities
  • Track property units and related materials, providing the sales force with an up-to-the minute picture of the availability of remaining units
  • Evaluate demand for certain types of units
  • Accurately calculate commissions for sales representatives and external partners
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