Harvey Nichols

March 27, 2011

“For us, CRM is all about empowering teams across the organization with a strong understanding of their customers, in order to enhance the customer experience. With CDC Marketing Automation and CDC Pivotal CRM, we are empowering our marketing team with the ability to plan and execute targeted campaigns from a central point. At a more fundamental level, we are empowering our point-of-sale representatives with the tools to interact with, and provide value-added services to, each customer that they serve,” says Martin Schofield, IT and Logistics Director at Harvey Nichols.

Read the case study to learn how Harvey Nichols uses two integrated CDC technologies to:

  • Increase per-customer sales through better customer knowledge and understanding
  • Empower point-of-sale employees to present different promotions and events to the customer on the spot
  • Enable the marketing team to launch more targeted campaigns than ever before
  • Support online event marketing and registration through the company’s FRESCA online store
  • Provide full visibility of individual marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Streamline and enhance the sales process from end to end
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