North Shore Credit Union Case Study

July 17, 2012

“Our greatest challenge was dealing with other financial institutions that were globalizing, reducing costs and therefore providing their services at a cheaper price. In order to compete on price, we had to provide better service. We needed a way of managing their expectations and providing service that was notably better than our competition. And our CRM strategy was the answer. It was a simple solution to a very complex problem,” says Chris Catliff, CEO and President of North Shore Credit Union.

Read the case study to learn how North Shore Credit Union used a thoughtful CRM strategy to differentiate itself against national banks and other global financial institutions resulting in:

  • Dramatic increases in revenue—up 41%
  • A rise in profitability—up 40%.
  • Improved employee satisfaction—up 11%
  • Better employee productivity—up 10%
  • Customer retention up from 70% to 90%
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