Evangelical Christian Credit Union Case Study

July 17, 2012

“It’s one thing for management to tell a salesperson to use the system. It’s another thing for management to be clearly using the system themselves and looking to it for information from the sales force. It used to be that a manager would sit down with a salesperson and ask for a status update. Now, they pull up the info in Pivotal CRM. When they meet, they now use the system to walk through opportunities on-screen, so the manager can coach and direct the salesperson through them,” says Alan Weisenberger, Vice President of Technology Services at Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU).

Read the case study to learn how ECCU took advantage of the industry-tailored functionality of Pivotal CRM for Financial Services to:

  • Secure 100% user adoption
  • Improve collaboration between functions and departments
  • Provide a holistic view of client-members
  • Facilitate pipeline management and forecasting
  • Offer insight into share of wallet and network of relationships
  • Give mobile users convenient access to rich client information
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