Windsor Foods Case Study

July 19, 2012

“Just the mere fact that we now had real-time visibility on the shop floor resulted in a real and measureable improvement. In fact, the Toluca plant saw its OEE go up 3.5 points in just 7 months” says Steve Leins the VP Manufacturing from Windsor Foods, a leading provider of all kinds of frozen pasta products including lasagna, manicotti, ravioli and stuffed shells for the food service & retail markets. 

Read how Windsor Foods implemented real-time OEE intelligence and a supporting improvement program in less than 6 weeks that drove significant improvements in fewer than 7 months using Factory MOM.  According to Steve Leins, VP of Manufacturing, right from the start Factory MOM "offered a different perspective and approach from its competitors…they included a Change Program that detailed how the team should be structured how it should operate and what problem-solving techniques we should use. None of the other competitors had anything of the sort".

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