Ross ERP for the Life Sciences

July 17, 2012

Ross ERP for Life Sciences helps pave the way to a stronger future within the industry. Leading life sciences companies are pursuing innovative product development strategies, greater customer intimacy, better ways to institutionalize compliance standards, and faster implementations of continuous operational improvements through their adoption of Ross ERP for Life Sciences.

Ross ERP for Life Sciences is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of life sciences companies. Our solutions improve your operations, freeing up capital in support of your business’ main goal—the development and delivery of innovative products to customers. Our platform and solutions have enabled leading life sciences companies such as BioConvergence LLC, Nexgen Pharma, Mission Pharmacal, Crown Laboratories, and RxElite to create and scale up best-practice business processes rapidly and with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With Ross ERP for Life Sciences, firms improve day-to-day operations, refine and standardize their product development and processes, meet regulatory requirements, improve customer satisfaction, and effectively bring in new products,  companies, or employees—thus achieving and maintaining a unique competitive advantage.


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