CDC Software for the Metals Industry

April 1, 2011

From specialty operations to larger multinational corporations, metals manufacturers face many distinct challenges stemming from regulatory concerns, cost containment pressures and customer demands. In today's market it is increasingly difficult for companies to subsist, much less prosper and grow and the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions can mean the difference between success and failure. CDC Software helps manufacturers address the unique challenges of the metals industry, including:

  • Industry focus for formulation, process control and product quality
  • Industry focus for cost control
  • Industry focus to stay competitive
  • Industry focus for customer satisfaction

CDC Software’s focus and experience enables the company to be better at delivering innovative yet cost-effective software solutions. CDC Ross ERP solutions address your unique, industry-specific challenges, minimizing the risks and overhead associated with customizing generic systems. The result is a higher probability of success, a speedier implementation, a lower total cost of ownership and the flexibility to support today's rapidly evolving market demands.

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