Pivotal CRM for Small and Mid-Sized Business: Big Benefits, Small Price

July 17, 2012

To compete with multinationals and the small business around the corner, you must deliver a personalized, high-quality experience to your customers. Today, that means you need a customer relationship management solution. But, just because your business isn’t yet on the Fortune 500 listing, you shouldn’t have to pick between expensive, months to deploy CRM and shrink-wrapped tiny company CRM solutions. Like any other company, the way you do business is your most potent competitive advantage and your CRM solution should support you.

Pivotal CRM is designed for you. It’s built to give you all the features you’d expect in big company CRM but is powerful and flexible enough that you can mold it to the way you do business. So, the CRM solution supports you, rather than you molding your business to fit the way it works. With Pivotal CRM for Small and Medium-Sized Business, you get a user-friendly, fast-to-install, easy-to-maintain CRM solution priced within your means and capable of supporting your immediate needs today and your growth and evolution tomorrow.

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