Pivotal CRM for Financial Services: CRM That Fits Your Business

July 17, 2012

The financial services industry is characterized by relationships. As a firm, your competitive advantage is your ability to build relationships and instill trust in your clients over an enduring track record of success. You need to know your client better than the competition and as a firm, you need to instill repeatable best practices that increase all of your advisors’ ability to build relationship capital.

That’s why Pivotal CRM for Financial Services is designed to help you get started quickly. We offer tailored solutions for: Asset Management, Capital Markets, Private Banking and Commercial Banking. From there, Pivotal CRM for Financial Services can be molded to fit the little nuances that make your firm what it is - taking you from a powerful system to one that builds on your competitive advantage. Learn more about our solutions for financial services and get started building relationship capital.

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Joyce Njau
Good morning. I am the owner of ROA FIANACIAL SERVICES, I want to know the cost of having finacial software services residing in Tanzania. Also i want to know if you hav agent in our country and other products you hav more than the above software. Regards, Joyce
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