Pivotal Customer Relationship Management

July 17, 2012

With a CRM solution that’s driven by the needs of your customers, you’re able to truly understand your customers and gain the knowledge you need to make informed business decisions. Learn how Pivotal CRM supports a fully integrated, highly-tailored solution for your sales, service, marketing and IT teams— providing critical data to all employees when and where they need it.

The greatest advantage of Pivotal CRM software is its ability to handle the exact requirements of your business processes. Find out how Pivotal CRM can match your business strategies to the technology you need to execute on your vision—connecting the dots—so you can be the company you really want to be.

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David Hoke
Let's talk about savings. So, can we save and still stay effective?
Dave Meier
I am a former Avenue user and look forward to learning more about CDC's updates.
Rahul Patil
CDC Software: The Customer-Driven Company™