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Transforming your business from R&D through clinical trials to distribution, while promoting safety, quality, compliance and profitability.

Recall protection reduces exposure; limits your risk.

Best-in-class traceability is built into Ross ERP on-premise and cloud solutions. Recalls and mock recalls in minutes with TraceExpress.

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BioConvergence deploys Ross ERP to leverage investment in new, state-of-the-art facility.
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No industry today is more regulated and monitored than pharmaceuticals and life sciences. You know that. We know that. And it doesn’t matter how small or how large you are, you have to follow the same complex set of ever-changing global and regional regulations.Our solutions provide you with a safe path for innovation, giving you control to make sure your products are safe, and that your company is compliant. Get accurate OEE and per-unit cost information, best-in-class tracking and tracing, and e-pedigree support that will help you grow your business.

Learn how our unique capabilities support your Life Sciences or Pharmaceuticals organization:

Enterprise Resource Planning

Get stronger, smarter and faster when you take firm control of your finances, including managing costing down to the ingredient level and industry-leading contracts and chargeback applications. Scalable from primary to secondary manufacturing. Multi-lingual. Global support.

Manufacturing Operations Management

A solution to dramatically cut production costs within weeks by providing a real-time performance framework that exposes and helps eliminate the major causes of inefficiencies. Compliance and quality built-in.

Supply Chain Management

Increase supply chain visibility. Comply with e-pedigree requirements for tracking serial- numbered product from plant through supply chain to customers and consumers.

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize revenue-generating opportunities, improve the accuracy of orders, collaborate with distributors and partners, and provide unrivaled customer service.

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