CDC Software Presents New, Simplified Proposal to the Onyx Board

ATLANTA and HONG KONG, March 22, 2006 —  CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA; website: today announced that CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation, has presented a new proposal to the board of directors of Onyx Software for a strategic transaction that would combine Onyx Software with CDC Software. CDC Software management is now awaiting a response of Onyx's board of directors.

Under the terms of CDC Software's new proposal to Onyx, each Onyx shareholder would have a choice to receive, for each Onyx share, consideration consisting of either (a) all-cash or (b) cash-and-shares in CDC Corporation.

In the event an Onyx shareholder elects to receive all-cash consideration, such shareholder would receive, for each Onyx share, $4.57 per share in cash. Such a price per share would represent a premium of approximately 20 percent from a recent five-day trading average for Onyx shares.

In the event an Onyx shareholder elects to receive cash-and-shares, such shareholder would receive, for each Onyx share, $4.78 per share comprised of 50 percent (or $2.39) in cash and 50 percent (or $2.39) in registered Class A Common Shares of CDC Corporation. The number of Class A Common Shares of CDC Corporation to be issued would be calculated using a current average closing price of such shares on the NASDAQ National Market. A $4.78 price per Onyx share would represent a premium of approximately 25 percent from a recent five-day trading average for Onyx shares.

Mr. John Clough, chairman of the executive committee for CDC Corporation and vice chairman of the board for CDC Software, stated, "CDC Software continues to believe in the benefits of a combination, particularly its Pivotal CRM division, with Onyx. The benefits to shareholders and customers are clear and substantial, and include complementary industry specialization, products, geographic markets, sales channels and marketing strategies. On virtually parallel paths, Onyx and Pivotal pioneered the mid-enterprise CRM markets and by joining forces, we have the opportunity to become an even more significant force in the industry."

While CDC Software was disappointed with Onyx's response to CDC's original proposal in early January 2006, CDC Software has been even more surprised by the lack of interest it has received from Onyx since then. "In January, we stated that CDC Software remains flexible and open to discussing alternatives to our original proposal," said Mr. Clough. "This new, simplified proposal demonstrates our flexibility and was developed in direct response to requests we received from some of Onyx's shareholders. We are confident that the Onyx board and shareholders will see the mutual benefits that can be realized by moving forward with this proposed transaction."

CDC Software urges Onyx's board of directors to consider this proposal, and indicate that it would recommend such a proposal to its shareholders.

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CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) is focused on enterprise software, mobile applications and online games. As part of its strategic review, the company has reorganized into two primary operating business units, CDC Software and Inc.

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CDC Software, the software unit of CDC Corporation, offers a broad range of software solutions for mid-sized enterprises. These products are utilized by approximately 3,500 customers worldwide.

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