Powell Electronics Increases Accuracy and Efficiency

Credits Catalyst’s extensive library of SAPConsole™ transactions and smooth implementation in delivering the project on time and under budget

Milwaukee, WI, November 1, 2005 — Powell Electronics, Inc., a national electronic distributor of valueadded interconnect products, switches, sensors and assemblies, has recently partnered with Catalyst International, an SAP® Services Partner and global provider of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, to implement SAPConsole™ mobile data entry transactions at their 20,000 square foot distribution center in Philadelphia, PA. The solution included six Catalyst SAPConsole inventory management data collection transactions and Teklogix hardware.

Prior to the implementation, Powell was seeking a solution that would deliver a quantum improvement in accuracy and order fulfillment cycle time. Further, they wanted to fully utilize their industry-leading SAP ERP system. When Powell heard they would soon be moving from their current facility to a new, expanded facility, they knew they needed to make an immediate upgrade to their material handling processes in order to ensure the move was as efficient as possible.

Powell turned to Catalyst as their partner for this project because of its SAP domain experience, supply chain market reputation as well as their local presence. Also, Catalyst’s library of template transactions allowed Powell to take advantage of a very cost effective solution. Catalyst was able to implement the transactions at a lower cost than if Powell had used in-house development resources.

Powell’s project goals were to improve their business processes by leveraging barcode technology, increase inventory accuracy, improve order fulfillment cycle time and to improve the professional appearance of their outgoing package shipments. Catalyst began the project by performing a blue print analysis. This analysis enabled Powell to gain a deeper understanding of the data collection solutions Catalyst could provide and allowed them to adjust their original plan to ensure they were implementing an optimal solution. The mobile data entry transactions developed by Catalyst enabled Powell to mobilize inventory management processes such as receiving, picking, goods issues and physical inventory.

Once the installation was completed in July, Powell saw immediate results. Each of their goals was met and their distribution center now operates more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Powell associates adapted to the new technology quickly, which contributed to the success of the overall project. Now that Powell is comfortable with the technology, they continue to look for additional areas within their organization that can benefit from implementing mobile data collection and wireless technologies. As Powell anticipates the need for future SAP-centric supply chain projects, Catalyst remains their vendor of choice.

“Catalyst not only met our project goals, but they delivered the solution on time and within our budget, despite enhancements to the original project scope,” said Barbara Martin, Vice President of Operations for Powell. “The support provided throughout the project was exactly what you look for in a partner. The relationship between Catalyst and Powell is an excellent example of a solid vendor-client partnership.”

“Catalyst has extensive experience in optimizing SAP logistics applications and maximizing ROI,” said Michael Eleftheriou, President and CEO of Catalyst. “We are thrilled that Powell Electronics values our experience and our services and we look forward to further developing our partnership.”

About Powell Electronics

Headquartered in Philadelphia PA., Powell's expertise lies in the value-added assembly, materials management and distribution of electronic connectors, switches and related components. Powell is one of the oldest and most established suppliers of electronic components and has been serving customers in the military, aerospace and commercial electronic markets for over 60 years. Since its inception, Powell Electronics, Inc. has prided itself on delivering the highest quality and best value to our customers. This philosophy has helped Powell grow into an international industry leader.

About Catalyst

Catalyst International delivers software and solutions that enable companies to optimize the performance of their enterprise supply chains. Catalyst is the only resource that combines more than 25 years of industry leadership in warehouse and logistics software development with an in-depth understanding of ERP systems. The company is a certified SAP Services Partner with extensive experience in implementing SAP’s Warehouse Management and SAPConsole Data Collection Solutions.

Catalyst has provided successful SCE solutions for customers around the world, including Boeing, Brown Forman, Barber Foods, Office Max, Panasonic, Rayovac and The Home Depot. It is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and has offices or representatives in the UK, Italy, Mexico and South America. For more information, call toll-free 800-236-4600 or visit www.catalystinternational.com.

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