Tafisa Canada Modernizes Operations with Ross Systems' ERP Solution

Leading Natural Products Manufacturer Implements iRenaissance as Backbone for Expansion Efforts

atlanta, April 26, 2005 — Ross Systems, Inc. ("Ross") a global provider of enterprise software solutions for manufacturers and a software unit of chinadotcom corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA), today announced Tafisa Canada has selected Ross' enterprise resource planning ("ERP") software to assist in creating a more operationally efficient environment. As one of the leading manufacturers of particleboard and thermofused melamine panels used in furniture, cabinets and doors, Tafisa was looking for an IT solution to maintain its leadership position, stave off upstart competitors and streamline operations.

To maintain operation of the largest particleboard plant production facility in North America, Tafisa faced three major challenges. First, the company needed to streamline operations by gaining visibility into the manufacturing side of the business. Second, they wanted to increase customer satisfaction through a more customized operation enabling accurate ordering and delivery of products. Finally, Tafisa required the ability to track raw materials to help it ensure that 100 percent of materials were recycled to meet corporate and governmental policies. With a planned plant and product line expansion rapidly approaching, Tafisa teamed with Ross and its iRenaissance ERP offering.

"As we looked to expand our business, Ross became the obvious choice among ERP vendors based on its customization capabilities, industry expertise and deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations such as ours," said Sophie Reiher, director of IT for Tafisa. "iRenaissance streamlines our make-to-order business operations by enabling a faster time to market while supporting our expansion efforts and other corporate initiatives."

Streamlining operations with a system of records in place through iRenaissance, Tafisa now takes added advantage of its historical and real-time data, improving overall visibility. The improved visibility into inventory also enables Tafisa to exact better quality control from raw materials to finished goods.

Tafisa can now customize ordering and purchasing based on the needs of each supplier and distributor. With 5 percent of orders coming from free stock, Tafisa's real-time system allows them to move the inventory two to three days faster with improved accuracy, increasing customer service levels.

With government and self-regulated environmental requirements such as Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) in place, iRenaissance also makes it easier for Tafisa to track raw materials which helps Tafisa meet its target use of 100 percent recycled materials and minimize the amount of waste. Through advanced tracking capabilities, the company ensures high quality and consistency of its products.

"Ross' iRenaissance technology provides a focused solution for the natural products industry, helping companies like Tafisa achieve their corporate missions of delivering the highest quality of products to satisfied customers," said J. Patrick Tinley, CEO of Ross Systems. "iRenaissance has supported Tafisa's expansion efforts and continues to enable excellence in overall operations."




About Tafisa

Tafisa is a division of Portugal-based Sonae Industria, the world's largest manufacturer of wood based panels. In 2001, the holding company's production capacity was rated at more than 4.4 billion square feet. As one of Sonae's 34 plants located throughout the world, Tafisa operates the company's only plant in North America.

About Ross Systems

Ross Systems, Inc., a software unit of chinadotcom corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA), delivers innovative software solutions that help manufacturers worldwide fulfill their business growth objectives through increased operational efficiencies, improved profitability, strengthened customer relationships and streamlined regulatory compliance. Focused on the food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, metals and natural products industries and implemented by more than 1,200 customer companies worldwide, the company's family of Internet-architected solutions is a comprehensive, modular suite that spans the enterprise, from manufacturing, financials and supply chain management to customer relationship management, performance management and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit www.rossinc.com.

Forward Looking Statements

This press release includes "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and includes statements relating to results achieved by Tafisa Canada based on its utilization of Ross Systems iRenaissance solution such as streamlining operations, gaining visibility into the manufacturing side of the business, increasing customer satisfaction, improving accuracy in ordering and delivery of products, meeting the target use of 100% recycled materials, taking advantage of historical and real-time data, exacting better quality controls, and accelerating the movement of inventory. These statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to risks and uncertainties and changes in circumstances. There are important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in the forward looking statements including, among others: the continued ability of Ross' solutions to address industry-specific requirements of natural products manufacturers; demand for and market acceptance of new and existing enterprise software and services, the possibility of deployment difficulties or delays, the dependence on customer satisfaction with Ross' ERP software, continued commitment to the use of the product and deployment of the solution, and the ability of staff to utilize and operate the software to meet the intended goals of the solution.. Further information on risks or other factors that could cause results to differ are detailed in filings or submissions with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission made by our parent, chinadotcom corporation, including its Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2003 on Form 20-F/A filed on July 8, 2004. All forward-looking statements included in this press release are based upon information available to management as of the date of the press release, and you are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any forward looking statements which speak only as of the date of this press release. The company assumes no obligation to update or alter the forward looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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