Pivotal Ships Pivotal 5

Pivotal delivers the only CRM product designed to meet the unique needs of the mid-enterprise market

Vancouver, BC, April 29, 2003 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSX: PVT), today announced the general availability of Pivotal 5 – the only CRM product that meets the unique requirements of mid-sized enterprises. Pivotal 5 is built on a highly flexible, meta-data driven architecture, with a robust set of CRM capabilities, and is sold and implemented in the way that mid-sized enterprises want to buy and deploy. Pivotal 5 features a new product for complex solution selling, integrated world-class marketing automation capabilities via Pivotal MarketFirst, a new user interface, and major improvements across the platform to increase usability, enhance speed-to-customization and improve productivity.

“Mid-sized enterprises demand a powerful, highly flexible platform and a full set of CRM applications,” said Bo Manning, president and CEO, Pivotal. “Pivotal 5 was developed in close collaboration with our customers around the world. These collaborative customer relationships coupled with our deep market expertise have allowed us to further extend our industry lead with the release of Pivotal 5 – this is the only CRM product suite that enables organizations to deploy powerful, highly flexible applications that meet their unique CRM requirements.”

For Farm Credit Services of America, one of the largest farm credit organizations in North America with $7 billion in assets, selecting a CRM product with breadth of functionality and easy-to-use customization tools was essential to the company’s high quality growth philosophy. According to Jim Greufe, director of CRM, Farm Credit Services of America, “Our CRM requirements drastically surpassed the capabilities offered by software vendors providing simple, highly limited software. And going with the biggest, broadest CRM products that are far too rigid and far too difficult, time-consuming and expensive to implement was not an option for our business needs either. Pivotal is the only CRM vendor that could meet our expanding and evolving CRM requirements at a price that made sense from both a product and services perspective. We congratulate the company on the release of Pivotal 5.”

Unparalleled Flexibility for the Mid-Sized Enterprise

According to Jesper Andersen, EVP, Products, Pivotal, “Pivotal 5 is the largest, most significant product release in the company’s history, with more than fifteen months of development efforts across the entire suite. We have architected this new release to help companies market more effectively, sell with ease and accuracy, and deliver smart customer service across multiple channels – all in a highly intuitive, personalized and productive way.”

Mid-sized enterprises are constantly evolving to capture market and business opportunities as they arise. As a result, their CRM software must be highly flexible and quickly adaptable to fit their unique business processes and business process changes. Built on a Microsoft .NET foundation, and embracing the latest industry standards around Web services, the Pivotal 5 Architecture ensures that customers receive a highly flexible, scalable and easily deployable solution that delivers richest levels of interactivity, and collaboration across the enterprise.

In addition, Pivotal 5 continues the tradition of supporting all aspects of customization, so that when a customer makes modifications to Pivotal products, or upgrades to newer releases, all aspects of the changes including data entities, form definitions and full business logic are synchronized together with normal enterprise changes. Customizations can be made in one central location and then seamlessly distributed to all satellites and end users via Pivotal Synchronization solutions. This unique and highly differentiated aspect not only preserves customizations, but ensures low TCO by reducing upgrade and update time and costs.

Pivotal 5 is built and optimized with a deep understanding of the roles and usability requirements faced by mid-sized enterprises. It offers a range of access methods, including rich and thin browser-based and wireless options that can be deployed separately or in combination, depending on user roles and business needs. Pivotal also offers proven mobile capabilities to ensure maximum user effectiveness in disconnected environments. No other CRM vendor is delivering this range of access methods to address the varying usability requirements that mid-sized enterprises face.

A Complete Set of Applications

Mid-sized enterprises are also looking for a single vendor to meet their complete CRM requirements with CRM applications and infrastructure that can be easily deployed as a standalone solution to start, and as an end-to-end CRM suite deployed in phases. They don’t have the budget, resources or risk tolerance necessary to purchase multiple products from various vendors, and then engage in a lengthy, expensive integration effort to piece them all together. They want it to be simple, standards based, and cost-effective. Pivotal 5 offers a robust suite of marketing, sales, service, PRM and interactive selling applications that allow mid-sized enterprises to start and succeed at CRM – at their pace.

Pivotal Marketing 5

Mid-sized enterprises have substantial marketing automation requirements, but have been traditionally constrained with costly, difficult to deploy solutions. Pivotal 5 brings powerful, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use marketing automation capabilities directly to the mid-sized enterprise. Pivotal Marketing 5 features Pivotal MarketFirst – a comprehensive product for end-to-end management of multi-channel campaigns and marketing processes. It reduces both the cost and time to create smart, multi-wave, personalized campaigns and significantly increases the ability to deliver better leads to the right sales resources at the right time. With Pivotal 5, Pivotal MarketFirst can be deployed either as a standalone solution, or as a product tightly integrated with the Pivotal CRM suite.

According to Anurag Khemka, general manager and vice president, marketing products, Pivotal, “In today’s challenging economy, smart companies understand the importance of maximizing returns on every marketing dollar spent. Pivotal MarketFirst allows companies to increase marketing efficiencies, improve their sales funnel, stimulate new customer spending and reduce churn. This product is a natural extension for customers that have already implemented a sales automation solution. As a result, we are seeing strong interest in the Pivotal customer base for Pivotal MarketFirst.”

Pivotal Sales 5

Pivotal Sales 5 is designed with usability, flexibility and functionality in mind to improve sales efficiencies and effectiveness, lower the total cost of sales, and enhance revenue. It features Pivotal Assisted Selling – a new product that combines sales automation, guided selling, complex quote creation and price/product configuration in a single out-of-the-box application. Users can quickly configure products and services with flexible and intuitive guided selling capabilities, and then easily create, propose and automatically expire multiple quotes per opportunity that contain up-to-date products, services and pricing.

With this new product, it’s possible to give customers a continuous, consistent and collaborative sales experience regardless of whether they are using a Web portal to configure products and services themselves, interacting with telesales agents in a contact center, or engaging directly with field sales representatives. The same assisted selling functionality and user experience is available across all channels. Pivotal 5 Sales, including Pivotal Assisted Selling, offers proven well-developed data synchronization capabilities, and can be used in disconnected environments, a critical requirement for field sales.

According to Joe Galvin, vice president and research director, Gartner Research, “Salespeople will only use applications that help them to increase their sales, improve their productivity and help them achieve plan. Assisted selling is an application that gives organizations the ability to seamlessly integrate and support their sales processes across multiple sales channels, including customer-facing, inside sales and field sales. Assisted selling offers value-added features to help mobile sales people sell more effectively, while minimizing quoting errors.”

Pivotal Service 5

Pivotal Service 5 gives mid-sized companies the tools and applications to deliver smart, fast and cost-effective service interactions across every communication channel. It features Pivotal eService -- a completely redesigned and highly intuitive Web self-service portal giving users one-click access to information; simple, easy-to-use self-service reports to keep track of orders, incidents, contracts and service level agreements; quick product registration capabilities; and full text search to help customers solve their problems quickly. This release also introduces a personalized message center that presents customers with alerts and time sensitive information.

Pivotal Contact Center 5

A smart contact center strategy can significantly improve the top and bottom line for a mid-sized enterprise – it’s the epicenter of the customer relationship and it’s where smart marketing, selling and servicing converge everyday to create satisfied customers and build a positive customer and brand experience. Mid-sized enterprises are looking for flexible contact center applications that are both easy-to-customize and easy-to-integrate with intra- and extra-enterprise applications and data sources. Flexibility is about making the contact center software and business processes work the way the organization requires.

Pivotal Contact Center is a highly flexible application that gives contact center agents in mid-sized enterprises the tools and information they need to be able to respond to a wide variety of requests. This rich, high performance application provides agents with an intuitive interface, a logical layout and one click access to all the information contacted both within the Pivotal CRM software suite, and from other legacy systems. Agents are empowered with capabilities to handle blended sales, marketing and service interactions – critical activities that reduce costs and increase revenue. The newest release of Pivotal Contact Center includes performance enhancements to further extend its ease-of-use, and ease-of-customization and ensure that companies receive a solution that is precisely-tailored for their contact center needs.

Pivotal Contact Center also gives mid-sized enterprises a choice when it comes to their contact center deployment. It can be either implemented as a standalone desktop application; as an integrated suite that leverages existing telephony investments using the latest Intel call processing technologies; or as a unified platform based on latest interaction management technologies from Interactive Intelligence.

Pivotal Partner Management 5

Pivotal Partner Management 5 includes two modules with enhancements to improve usability, flexibility and partner effectiveness. Pivotal Partner Manager gives channel managers an intuitive application with tools that simplify partner recruitment and management and quickly route leads, while allowing users to analyze and evaluate partner performance based on experience, customer satisfaction and revenues. Pivotal ePartner, a Web-based partner portal is designed to optimize partner effectiveness with inter-enterprise collaboration tools and technologies that improve marketing, sales, and service activities to joint customers. By extending these collaborative capabilities to partners, companies can reduce service costs, reward high performing partners and enhance end customer satisfaction.

Ease of Implementation – An Imperative Requirement

For mid-sized enterprises, ease of implementation, including customization and integration, user adoption and overall low total cost of ownership is critical. Manning continues, “Not only have we unveiled the most substantial product release in the company’s history, but we are also radically changing the way that we deliver software to our customers. We believe that mid-sized enterprises are looking for easy ways to get started in CRM with the ability to grow into a powerful, fully-customized and highly integrated solution. That’s why we are architecting ourselves to reduce the costs, risks, and IT resource requirements for companies to start and succeed in CRM. We now offer all of our products in both hosted and on-premise modes, provide standard licenses or monthly payments, and can deliver super low-cost professional services from Pivotal India.”

No other competitor is attempting to solve the risks, costs, and IT resource constraints for the mid-enterprise market. The humongous CRM vendors are producing very powerful, but ultimately very costly, complex solutions. The shrink-wrapped CRM vendors are producing cheap, but ultimately very limiting, solutions. In short, Pivotal will be as easy and inexpensive as SalesForce.com type solutions to start; but will offer the power and flexibility of Siebel as a growth path. Pivotal’s new services approach and go-to-market programs will be launched in May.

Pivotal Corporation is the only CRM company that is 100 percent purpose-built to serve the demanding requirements of mid-sized enterprises – a powerful, highly flexible application platform, a complete set of CRM applications, and low cost results producing implementation services. Pivotal delivers software and services that produce meaningful increases in revenues, margins and customer loyalty for companies and business units in the revenue range of $100 million to $3 billion. More than 1,500 companies around the world use Pivotal including: CIBC, Centex Homes, HarperCollins Publishers, Hitachi Telecom Inc., Premera Blue Cross, Royal Bank of Canada, Southern Company, and Vivendi.

Pivotal's complete CRM software suite includes a powerful application platform and capabilities in marketing, sales, service, contact centers, partner management and interactive selling. For more information, visit www.pivotal.com.
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