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The industry’s leading contact center application for mid-sized enterprises

Vancouver, BC, August 29, 2002 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSE: PVT), the leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software for mid-sized enterprises, today announced the availability of Pivotal Contact Center – the industry’s leading contact center application specifically designed for mid-sized enterprises. This cost-effective product addresses crucial mid-enterprise contact center requirements including advanced customization and integration capabilities.

Pivotal Contact Center is fully integrated with the Pivotal CRM Suite and features a highly flexible architecture; a smart desktop that consolidates and supports multiple channels; and easy integration to enterprise applications, transactional systems, telephony infrastructure, and data sources within and beyond business boundaries.

“A smart contact center strategy can significantly improve a company’s top and bottom line – that’s why there is significant demand for contact center technology in the mid-enterprise market,” said Bo Manning, president and CEO, Pivotal. “For many companies, the contact center is the epicenter of the customer relationship – it’s where smart marketing, selling and servicing converge every day to create satisfied customers.”

100% Purpose-Built for Mid-Sized Enterprises

According to Greg Freeze, COO, CAM Commerce Solutions, “At CAM, we began our CRM strategy with Pivotal and it has quickly become the hub of our customer activity. After evaluating numerous vendors, it was clear that Pivotal was the best fit for our mid-sized business. The product provides key capabilities out-of-the-box, while enabling us to easily customize and integrate the solution to meet the processes that are unique to our business. It provides a smart set of functionality at a practical cost.”

Mid-sized enterprises have a unique set of buying criteria for choosing a contact center product. Until now, they’ve been constrained by a set of product options that were specifically designed with the needs of the Global 1000 in mind. Unlike these large corporations, mid-sized enterprises and divisions of large enterprises, place a high premium on the following:

Fast Integration

Every second counts in a contact center. A customer service representative’s ability to swiftly understand and meet a customer’s needs can mean the difference between a satisfied customer that comes back time and time again, and an angry customer that decides to try a competitor the next time around. The faster every service agent can complete a customer transaction without compromising service quality, the more cost-efficient and effective the contact center becomes.

To improve service agent performance, companies are looking for contact center applications that provide agents with an easy-to-use, consolidated desktop with seamless access to all of the information they require to do their jobs effectively. The desktop integrates disparate data sources to provide everything from pricing and product information, to credit histories and inventory status.

Fast Customization

The key to successfully maximizing revenue and decreasing costs in the contact center is ensuring that the contact center application is precisely customized to the business processes the company has in place – so that service agents can depend on the technology to accelerate their tasks, not slow them down. This means customizing the portal, workflow and business rules precisely, and integrating seamlessly with other applications and data sources.

Pivotal Contact Center is fast and easy to customize and integrate. The product leverages the highly flexible Pivotal Intelligent Internet Architecture, which is built on open standards and features the industry’s most advanced customization, integration and synchronization tools. As a company evolves its processes over time to adapt to new market opportunities, the application can be easily changed to match these new requirements Other contact center applications are rigid, over-engineered and complex – requiring pricey systems integration services to make even simple changes.

Distributed Contact Centers: An Emerging Trend

Managing costs and ensuring reliable service can be daunting in a thousand-agent contact center. High turnover rates are a significant challenge for large contact centers – and it is extremely difficult to continually find and train first-rate customer service representatives. To mitigate this challenge, companies are now choosing to establish smaller, distributed contact centers across multiple cities. As a result, mid-sized contact centers of 100 to 250 agents are a booming trend. This distributed contact center model requires fast synchronization of customer and corporate information across multiple satellite locations. Pivotal’s proven and scaleable synchronization capability provides companies with the ability to cost-effectively create distributed, mid-sized contact centers around the world.

An End-to-End Single Vendor Solution

Contact centers cannot operate effectively in isolation. Instead, they must be an integral part of a company’s overall CRM strategy. Mid-sized enterprises are not tolerant of a multi-vendor solution to meet their complete CRM and contact center requirements. They don’t have the budget, resources or risk tolerance to purchase multiple products and then engage in a lengthy, expensive integration effort to piece them all together.

Pivotal Contact Center is an end-to-end offering that includes contact center infrastructure, multimedia integration, a single interface, integration tools and services – all from Pivotal. In addition, Pivotal’s end-to-end CRM suite delivers complete, easy-to-customize capabilities for sales, marketing and service.

A Cost-Effective Choice that Makes Sense for Mid-Sized Enterprises

Pivotal Contact Center is available in three options. It can be implemented as a stand-alone desktop application; as an integrated suite that leverages existing telephony infrastructure investments; or as a unified platform that creates an IP-compatible, multi-channel solution.

Pivotal Contact Center – Desktop is a standalone desktop application that can be easily and seamlessly integrated to back-end databases and applications. It combines sales, marketing, service and support functionality in a single, all-in-one interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. It increases agent productivity and decreases the need for lengthy CSR training by providing a logical layout, one click access to information and screen pops.

Pivotal Contact Center CTC Edition gives mid-sized enterprises powerful contact center functionally while enabling them to leverage their existing investments in telephony infrastructure. Using Intel CT Connect, Pivotal Contact Center CTC Edition provides integration between the Pivotal Contact Center desktop application and Nortel, Avaya and Siemens switches – out-of-the-box. A connector is also provided to facilitate integration with other telephony infrastructure components.

Pivotal Contact Center CIC Edition features pre-integrated multi-channel capabilities, a universal queue for efficient resource usage, and lowers the total cost of contact center ownership by consolidating all telephony hardware on a single PC server. Connected to both the Internet and phone channels via a software switch, Pivotal CIC Edition is an IP-compatible solution that comes with the Pivotal Contact Center desktop application, as well as server software which provides all the functionality of your existing telephony infrastructure but requires fewer hardware, integration and IT resources.


Pivotal Contact Center is generally available on September 23, 2002.

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